Hyundai Sonata Carbon Fiber Car Door Handle Cover

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Protection: It can prevent scratching the surface of the car, remove dust and always keep it in a clean and new state.
Decoration: The surface treatment of carbon fiber particles can produce a glossy appearance, adding a sense of luxury and elegance.
Installation: With self-adhesive double-sided tape on the back, it is harmless to your car, easy to stick to the car and will not fall.
Material: High-quality, the surface is soft, wear-resistant, not easy to yellow, light weight, rust-proof, non-fading, and durable.

Product name: Outer door handle cover
Type: Auto Parts
Compatible models: For Hyundai Sonata 2020-2021
Features: protective stickers, decoration
installation method:
Step 1: Please clean the place with 50% alcohol to ensure that there is no dust.
Step 2: Remove the glue on the back;
Step 3: Heat the glue with a hot air gun; (The trick to sticking tape is to heat the handle and lid, which will make the glue on the tape more viscous, and they will always be there!)
Step 4: Install the product in the correct position and do not wash the car within 48 hours.
colour:Carbon fiber pattern black

Package Contents:
4 x Outer door handle cover